We're launching something exciting soon! 50 Corners is the magazine reimagined!
The NEW Interactive Community Lifestyle Magazine Highlighting the BEST in Your Community!
Interactive Digital Lifestyle Magazine
50 Corners is a digital-only interactive magazine that highlights the businesses and happenings in your community.

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What is 50 Corners Magazine?

An Interactive Digital Magazine Highlighting the BEST in Local Communities!

50 Corners Magazine is the traditional magazine reimagined. We take the best of the traditional magazine and make it mobile - available on phones, tablets and computers. Readers can "flip" pages just like they would with a normal magazine, but with more bells and whistles, like being able to click on links, send emails and make calls right from inside the magazine.

Click on each button to see what makes 50 Corners Magazine so unique.

We Are Digital

We're not moving into the digital world. We are IN the digital world, and that means your business needs to be in the digital space. According to Zippia, the average American checks the phone 96 times per day (once every 10-12 minutes). However, we touch our phones up to 2,167 time per day! That might sound crazy, but if you think about it from a business prospective, that's over 2,100 opportunities for a potential client to be exposed to your business!

We Are Dynamic

When you consider the information and stats above, it should make you start to think about what that means for your business in regards to static advertising. An example of a static publication would be a print magazine - which you may be advertising with. Print magazines still have some benefits, but there are more steps between the publication and the consumer, such as print material availability, large press functionality, deliverability to location and accessibility for the consumer - to name a few.

A Dynamic Publication, like a Digital Magazine, removes many of the barriers that could exist between your advertisement and potential clients, customers, etc. As a dynamic publication, 50 Corners isn't bound by ink & paper (costs, shortages, etc.); whether or not the printing press is working or needing maintenance; weather, traffic or broken down delivery trucks; or the person in the waiting room hogging the ONLY copy of the magazine! 

We Are Interactive

Digital delivery isn't the only thing that makes a Dynamic Publication unique. It's the INTERACTIVE part that creates the unique experience for subscribers. Imagine viewing an interactive magazine and not only seeing an Ad for the local pizza shop with a mouth-watering pepperoni pie, but being able to click a link right on the Ad to place an order! Or maybe you need service for your vehicle. What if you could click on Ron's Car Shop (made up company!) and schedule an appointment right there - in your PJ's watching reruns of your favorite show before bed. Not to mention, Interactive Dynamic Publications allow you to listen to music or watch videos right in the Ad. The subscriber isn't taken out of the magazine for these experiences. Imagine subscribers being able to listen to watch a promo video for an upcoming music festival or view a video for a property listing from a realtor without ever having to leave the magazine!

With 50 Corners, all of this is possible! 
We're more than just a magazine publisher. We're also a marketing agency, with the goal to help you grow your business. We'll not only look to do that through the magazine, but also via email marketing to our Subscribers and posts on our social media channels. 
Let's Grow Together!


Our magazine is more than just a business directory. We aim to highlight the stories, events, businesses, and more, that are happening and operating right in your community. Our features, articles and highlights are about what's going on in your city/town, and nearby.

Sample cover. Click to view full image.
Sample cover. Click to view full image.
Sample cover. Click to view full image.
Who is 50 Corners For?
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Our Interactive Digital Magazine Goes Direct to Subscriber.
No Need to Worry About...
We’re an Interactive Digital Magazine, so we don’t require paper, ink or other print materials. This is easier on the environment, and also means we don't have to worry about shortages, material costs, etc.
We don't print our magazine, so we can avoid the headache of having to find a print partner and any issues that can come with that - including print press availability mechanical issues  and print delays.
At 50 Corners, we've got nothing but love for the USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. (our owner has even worked for two of those companies!). But our mag skips the postman and gets delivered right to the subscribers’ inbox. 
Two issues with inventory our digital magazine avoids: Overstock and under-stock. We won’t ever run out of issues, nor will there be overstock, or old issues, laying around. Recycle bins everywhere will be happy!
What Are the Ad Space Options?
Based on standard publication format: 8.375" x 10.876"
  • 1/4 Page: Vertical Ad (3.333" x 4.583")
  • 1/3 Page: Horizontal Ad (7" x 3")
  • *1/2 Page: Horizontal (7" x 4.583"); Vertical (3.333" x 9.5")
  • ​*Full Page: No bleed (7" x 9.5")
  • ​*2-Page: Bleed included (17" x 11.125")
*Embedded video option available at select Ad sizes.
Our locally-driven magazines will focus on what's happening in your communities. We'll feature businesses, events, stories, people and more who are right in your area. Our goals is to connect local communities. That said, because we're a digital magazine, we can promote what happening in your neighborhood to surrounding cities and towns also!
What is 50 Corners Magazine?
We get it. Sometimes it's just TL;DR. Long story short - 50 Corners is a an interactive, digital community lifestyle magazine. We highlight businesses and events happening in local communities. Our aim is to establish a magazine for individual cities, towns or metro areas, based on things like population size or population density.
What's so unique about being digital and interactive?
Standard print publications (like regular magazines), require the magazine to be available and accessible for potential readers. With a digital magazine, each monthly issue is delivered directly to the subscribers inbox upon release, ensuring that they'll always have access to the magazine (barring some unforeseen event). Being interactive means we remove steps for potential clients to connect with businesses. Readers are able to watch videos, click links, email or call businesses from right within the magazine. Our magazine uses hyperlinks embedded into the Ads to create a seamless user experience.
What makes your magazine different?
Besides being digital and interactive, we're also a marketing company - which is great for businesses. We have the ability to not only promote the magazine itself, but also keep readers engaged with periodic reminders. Not to mention, we'll constantly be working to attract new subscribers to expose them to what's going on in their community. Having the information readily available via mobile device or computer means community is within reach with just the click of a button (or two!).
Does it cost to have a subscription?
No. Our digital magazine will be free for community members to access each month. By subscribing, it ensures each issue will be delivered right to your inbox. Plus, you'll receive emails with updates, exclusive deals and more.
Got more questions?
Feel free to contact us at sales@50corners.com and we'd be happy to answer your questions. 
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